Brag brag braggity brag

So after 3 years of co-sleeping I finally decided it’s probably time for fish to move into his own bed, no real reason other than he’s now 3 and I guess it’s the right thing to do…

I feel a bit guilty, I have a huge bed and it’s not like I’m sharing it with anyone, plus I love him curling up in my arms to fall asleep. But that aside…

On Monday he picked out a bed as one of his birthday gifts, I’m pretty sure It’s just cause it’s lightning mcqueen though :P


i want this bed mom

After numerous curse words were said I finally got it assembled and I let him help me make it up.


Our “progress report” so far:

MONDAY – tantrum of note, wants to sleep with mummy, eventually went into his bed but woke up several times (which I am NOT used to as he’s always slept through) and around 2am I gave up and let him climb in with me
TUESDAY – much better! He wasn’t allowed to play angry birds at all because he didn’t sleep in his bed… Clearly the bribery worked as he only crawled in with me around 5am and we had 1 wake up…
WEDNESDAY – slept through till 7am! No fussing at all :-)
THURSDAY – firstly he put himself to bed, yup you read right! Aaaaaaaand another solid nights sleep for us both!


So proud of this kid! Even though he is a cheeky little shit at the moment… Pkease tell me it’s just the 3 year old phase?!

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