There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going

I have an obsession with compass roses. Always have.
You could probably pin it to the fact that I’ve been surrounded by all things sailing my entire life, even my grandpa who was a lighthouse keeper always had them around for who knows what.


Back in the day sailors used to get them tattoed as they are said to bring luck, and of course so they always find their way home.
Been wanting to get one inked for a really long time now but of course the issue is placement (and finances of course), I wanted it on my wrist like this:


But on the left arm I have know your worth stretching the length of my forearm and on the right I have a cupcake – so wrists are out.
Then I thougt calf but I have fish’s handprints on myleft calf and I think it would be weird putting it on the right. Then ankle… My legs are too skinny, there’s not enoug place :(
Foot – I have the stars on my right foot and I vowed I’d never have one done on my foot again.
Arms I’m not really keen on, don’t really think it looks pretty on a lady unless you have a sleeve. Plus my right side has an ambigram stretching from my braline to pantyline.
Then I thought of doing it on my back… The problem with that is I want it between my shoulder blades BUT I already have a star there:


So I’ve been considering a cover up (doing the compass over the star) problem is each of my tattoos have meaning to them. But I am very much considering this, though as much as I would have liked a more open compass as such:


I know I’m going to have to go for something a little more solid like



The design needs a lot of work and I won’t get it till I’m happy with it (and have the monies for it) but this is what I’ve decided and I’m pretty pleased with my decision. It’s going to take a few sittings and will cover a lot of my top back but I’m excited! Will keep you updated and maybe even post the design for you to see before I go get it


6 thoughts on “There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going

    • Was by far the most painful of all my ink. My foot tripled in size and I had to have it inked 3 times. Needs to be touched up but oh hells no. I’d rather have my ribs inked again

      • That’s good to know! I have a tat on my foot that also swelled, but luckily I didn’t have to have it touched up. I was contemplating having the rib tattoo recently but was put off by the pain factor – good to know that the foot is worse!

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