Its hit me…

The #winter2012 flu that everyone has been moaning about. The one that I so naiivly thought wasn’t as bad as they’re proclaiming it to be, you know how people tend to lay it on so thick you could skii off it…

Well in short: it hits fast and HARD.
Saturday morning I was chirpy, just a slight sniffle which I shrugged off as due to the rainy weather and by the evening I was aggitated and my throat on fire.

Spent yesterday playing in the knee deep snow on matroosbeg mountains, the high altitude and icy weather (plus the snowman building etc) kept me busy enough not to realise said flu was just getting worse, and on the decent it kicked in. Emphasis on KICKED. Apparently I might have a mild case of AMS though as well, I sadly have all the symptoms but as only a small percentage get it at 2000mas and cause I went up with a vold they can’t be certain.

Today – I think I’m dying… No seriously, I think I have full blown “man-flu” and the real kind not the I need a day of sympathy kind. It’s BAD! So bad that I’m not even willing to get up and go sit by the PC so I can upload snow photos for you… Yup. That bad. Plus everytime I move I get so dizzy I want to faint or vomit.

Guess I should thank whoever invented smartphones and tabs… And audiobooks of course.
Any way, just letting you know that there is still life here behind the bloggy wall. Kinda ;)
Keep safe and warm lovelies and PLEASE go dose up on vitamins if you haven’t already.

Okay if I didn’t dislike men with a passion before googling “man flu” then I do now…
Hells bells…
I typed it into google to find a feature image for this post – Man Flu has merchandise! I kid you not, there are “man flu survival kits” and “man flu, I survived” tshirts (I so want one btw…).


And a funny for the ladies…



Though I did find a blogpost (by a guy) describing it perfectly: Man Flu: the best fake disease ever!
Translating that post into the winter flu is easy though… Take all the male pictures and retitle them as the female representation and then for the men you can just draw a dead stickman.

Oh, and as much as I adore #theclan they can all go stuff it tonight! I made dinner, did the washing and everything, granted it took a billion times longer, and the response when they got home: wow, you look like you took on a train. And lost… Thanks guys. So frigging perceptive you lot are…



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