I’m different. So what?


After being tagged by @prymface along with several others for tonights #youngmumschat (which I bailed on as still not well enough to try keep up with the banter) I decided to stalk investigate those who where mentioned in the tag with me.

One who stood out most was/is @msmummyoftwo whos blog had me in tears, I’ve been uber emotional the past few days seeing as my meds aren’t mixing well with this flu and thus not staying down – which obviuosly has me almost “relapsing” as such – but even if this weren’t the case I’m certain I’d still have needed a tissue or two.

Chelsea’s blog made me think (I know what you’re about to say. Don’t…) and led me to google, my best friend, to see if there wasn’t perhaps a forum for mums who have been diagnosed with ABC or XYZ and couldn’t find any. I thought perhaps my googling skills are slacking so I changed tactic, and then the realisation struck me: there are very few mums diagnosed with anything who blog about dealing with their issues while raising healthy children.

There are tons of parenting forums out there, hell I used to belong to most of them at some point but the keywords here are used to. See the thing is that all these forums branch into little groups right? And the mums who raise children with differences always have their little place to chat, as do single parents, single dads, baby wearing mums, white mums raising ethnic children yada yada yada… But what about us mums who are different and raise “normal” kids?

A few questions come to mind:
1) are mums with issues simply too scared to be out there due to what others might say or think
2) are there only a handful of us and that’s why it’s so rare to come across
3) not so much a question as a thought… This would make a GREAT article to get published, rewritten and edited a lot of course (and if anyone thieves it I shall hunt you down seeing as I need an article published for my 24 before 25 list)

Oh, I found this stunning blogpost titled I married an aspie written by a husband about his wife/mother of his kids who is an aspie, as much as I am okay with the fact that I’ll probably end up that crazy cat lady on an island somewhere it would be the bees knees to be with a man like this.

Mum (or dad for that matter) with a special twist? Aspie, biopolar, add, ms, blind, deaf, frigging blue in colour… Let me know… I’m really REALLY interested.
Not one but know one or simply have a say? Well go on… You know how to comment



20 thoughts on “I’m different. So what?

  1. I am in recovery from Anorexia ( managed to keep on track for a year and a half so far), and suffer from depression, I also have aspie symptoms, but I dont write about this stuff that much :)

  2. Hi, thanks so much for mentioned the post I Married an Aspie. That was written by my hubby on our 15th Wedding Anniversary. I’m glad that you wrote this post. I too have been searching for Moms that are different. I have Asperger’s Syndrome and I raising three boys. My 13 and 8 year olds are in the process of official diagnosis. I am most positive that the older is an Aspie as well, and the 8yr if he isn’t the poster boy for hyperactivity I don’t know who is. Hubby is ADHD, so as you can see this makes my house an interesting (that’s a good word to use instead of chaotic madhouse) place to live.

    I would love to find more Moms who struggle. When I first discovered I had Asperger’s Syndrome I searched the internet looking for information, searching for others like me. Like you, I found so many websites and blogs maintained about “normal” (don’t know if that even exists) parents raising their ASD kids. I found very few other Mom’s with ASD’s raising “normal” kids. I am one such mom, who I think may have one normal one, one spectrum, and one adhd. Can I get a vacation now, please?

    I have only just begun my blog so please journey along with me. I am new to all this, but am hoping that by blogging about my issues and adventures and struggles (ok, and my guilt that goes along with my struggles) that I will be able to connect with others out there who find themselves in many of the same situations I do.

    On that note, the littlest guy (18 mos) is head-banging in the crib so mama computer time is done for now. I hope to be have an updated blog post this afternoon.

    ~Aspie Writer

    • I know what needing a vacation feels like and I don’t even have a husband and 3 kids keeping my wits busy. Though I do live in a house with 3 men, one of whom is my aspie dad, and my 3 year old.
      You’re going to love blogging. I’ve found that having a place to vent has really helped and the support from strangers makes a difference.

  3. Hi there Aspie Writer and Cupcakemummy, I’m the editor of Living and Loving mag and we’d love to chat to you and tell your stories is you’re willing.

    Please e-mail me if you’re keen to be featured in the mag. Maybe this will raise the awareness you need to find the kind of support you need as “moms with challenges”.

    Take care

    • Appalled! It really grates me how Dr’s have become all about the money and not the oath to actually do the duties that a doctor studies for.
      P.S. You should migrate your blog to wordpress. Makes it easier for people to follow your “adventures” and it’s a lot more “sterile” and clean when it comes to the backend.

      • It has been quite a day that’s for sure.

        I was wondering if wordpress was a better platform…it appears it may be. Is it difficult to migrate a blog (blogging newbie here)?

      • Very simple. Go to your blogger dashboard, somewhere there is an option to “download blog” or something close to that. Then open a wordpress account and find the tool to “import” – voila, all your blogger posts and comments on wordpress. Then just design it as you like.

      • That does sound simple. Do you know if I would still be able to use my domain name if I did that? I suppose I have some research to do now (heehee, I love research, I’m just an information junkie)

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