Vitamin D is good for you

It’s no secret that I much prefer winter and that I generally try and avoid the sun but I couldn’t resist packing a bit of a picnic basket and heading down to the beach.


My 24 before 25 list feature “build a giant sandcastle” so Ian decided that’s exactly what we’ll do. Well we didn’t quite build it, we started – we got the base, bridge and moatdone – but our building enthusium was short lived for two reasons: the tide was coming in and we had to keep fixing and rebuilding what we had already done due to a very destructive fysh.


I got some stunning photos, camera is latched to the hand once more but we’re out of net time on the wifi and for some reason I can’t get my tab connected to my computer (if you know how please share the knowledge) as it won’t pick it up a USB device cause apparently I need to install some CD that I never got.

Will have to try fix that little problem!
At least we all had fun and that was the whole point.


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