Reading is sexy


I love books, a trait I inherited from shamus for sure as mum can barely make her way through a magazine let alone a book.

Ever since I was a child I’ve loved reading, there’s just something about losing yourself in someone elses mind, cause that’s really what you’re doing after all – taking a small journey through someones imagination.

Finding a story thats worth losing yourself in is part of the fun and book stores are a huge weakness for me, but secindhand book stores. What’s the point of buying it new when you can get the same pages and the same words for a little less. Plus I always find secondhand bookstores to be more charming and inviting, less about the money and more about the books themselves.

This year I have read more than I have in a very long time. I might have been on my little eurotrip the last time I read this much and I think I mostly have my kindle (which shamus has now claimed) and my tab to thank. So I thought I’d make a list of what I’ve finished as well as a few more that are still on my bookshelf begging to be finished…


Penguin books

The lifeboat – by Charlotte Rogan
This is by no means I would have walked into a store and bought, mainly cause I doubt you’d find it in a second hand bookstore yet, but I loved every second of it. Penguin Books sent me this as a little gift and I can’t urge you strongly enough to go out and get it. Being stuck on a lifeboat might sound like a boring storyline but the way Rogan has written it makes you feel as if you were there with them, feeling their hunger and fright, joys and anger. Read it, you won’t be sorry.
Mr HappyRoger Hargreaves
Also sent in our Penguin Books parcel and has found permanent residence in the car as fysh insists on reading me the story anywhere we go.
How children experience trauma and how parents can help them cope – I think that the lovely lady from Penguin Books who sent our little package had a peek at my blog first because this book REALLY appeals to my psychology fascinated brain! Though I’m not quite finished with it yet as I’m reading it inbetween fiction novels it’s definitely eye opening, and one I sometimes need a tissue for as some of the accounts by parents are heart wrenching, like the father who accidently drove over his daughters leg and broke it.

Short stories

Bewitching the werewolfCaroline Hanson
One of those short 40 pages short stories about a witch who is supposed to help a pack leader find his mate, would be a decent plot if the novel was longer. It sort of ends as you get into it.
Tag teamNicola Marsh
Another erotically inclined short story that ends too soon

Actual novels, in no particular order

50 shades of grey trilogyE. L. James
A friend sent me all 3 books as a PDF before all the real hype started. I had no idea what it was about and simply took her word for it that I needed to read it. Two words – MOMMY PORN. It’s hot, it’s steamy and it dares break boundaries that society has set up. We’re let into the secretly thrilling world of a dom and the kinky fuckery that goes with that world…
Bloody little secretsKarly Kirkpatrick
Reminds me a lot of twilight but swopped around, in this case it’s her that awakes as a vampire with no idea what who and why. Girl meets boy, they fall in love, he almost gets killed, he becomes a vampire… The first in a series so don’t read it if you get attached as you’ll have to wait a while fore the next one.
Spying in high heelsJenna Halliday
I remember laughing a lot. A shoe designer that gets caught up in embezzlement scams, a missing boyfriend and murder. All this while not certain if she’s pregnant, feeling guilty about drinking and lusting over the hot cop on the case.
Safe havenNicholas Sparks
I have yet to read a Sparks book that I don’t like. We all know his books, or if you haven’t read one you’ve at least seen a movie. Most of his plots, characters and their histories run along the same pattern but he’s definitely my “comfort author”
The lucky oneNicholas Sparks
True believer – Nicholas Sparks
The guardian – Nicholas Sparks
Unenchanted (an unfortunate fairy tale) – Chandra Hahn
One of my favorite reads this year by far. The plot revolves around Mina who turns out to be a Grimm decendant, it tells of how the tales aren’t stories as we know but quests/games set out by the fae, a curse that needs to be broken by a Hrimm decendant…
And of course the sequel Fairest which I actually started (and finished) today. Let’s just say I hope this is one of those LONG series…
Double dareRhonda Nelson
A runaway bride gets an a whole lot more than she bargained for when she leaves her wedding and books one hell of an adventure… Helps that the adventure guide is hot ;)
The one you lovePaul Pilkington
Her fiance’ vanishes the night of the stag party and someone is trying to make her believe that he got cold feet but the deeper she diggs the more of her pasts ghosts come out and secrets are revealed (not real ghosts hey haha)
The rockstar’s daughterClaire Duffy
Looking at a rockstars life from a different angle. Her mum OD’s and she goes to live with the rockstar dad she’s only met twice. A summer on the road with him, the band and his wife and daughter… Being on the road is not all glitz and glam.

On my bookshelf

A few that are sitting patiently waiting to be read still are The hunger games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, The window by Jeanette Ingold and of course The night circus by Erin Morgenstern which I have as an audio book so I get to “read” it in the car :P

I have the distinct feeling I’m forgetting a few but even without listing them I’d say that’s a pretty impressive list for an only parent…
Anything good on your bookshelf that I should add to my reading list?


10 thoughts on “Reading is sexy

  1. I also love reading. But can never remember what I read or what the title was. Does not help when I am trying to recommend a book. My favourite lately though is The Book Thief.

    • Hehehe, most of my books I torrent download or get free on kindle. I read “too much” and my wallet isn’t thick enough to support my habit so I sadly have to pirate my books these days

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