*eep* thank you @huggiesSA

Last week it seemed like everyone on my timeline was getting invites to the #huggiesmomville “baby shower” launch (maybe cause I follow so many awesome mommies) and I commented on twitter how I’m clearly not “cool enough” yet to receive an invite…

Well low and behold – sometimes my not being able to take talking on the phone (due to sensory issues) can be a downfall – the ladies have been trying to contact me in order to deliver my invite! Today one of the ladies took a chance and hoped I’d be home (I clearly was!) and dropped off my invite.

So yes I feel a little dof but at the same time – I’m cool enough! Woohooo me!

Can’t wait to meet all those who are going, I’m going to apologise now already for my weirdness but then again most who follow me already know about my strangeness and odd tendencies in large crowds. Thankfully I’ll have @thestilettomum there to translate my oddness if need be, or to join in.

Oh and huggies… fysh says thank you for breakfast ;)


I have to say though… I think I am just a smidge freaked out by the fact that Huggies had my cellphone number and physical address… clearly I’m not as anon here as I try to be!



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