Rainbow noodles anyone?

I remembered seeing a photo somewhere for rainbow noodles and I decided to finally give it a try… the result was loved by everyone in our little circus of a house. Fysh was very taken by them (and that he got to help) and had about 3 helpings of them!

There were leftover noodles so I decided to add them to the evening’s stirfry – well, rainbow noodles are a hit, even with grown men! I think that they will be making an appearance at our next #dinnerclub evening :)

And, making it is EASY!
The noodles hold the colour best if you add it while you’re cooking them but obviously if you want to make them rainbow you’ll need a lot of pots or time to do that (which I didn’t have) so there is another way:

Cook your spaghetti till done and then drain the water, top up with cold water, swirl around and drain again.
Separate the noodles into separate ziploc bags (a bag for each colour that you want) and then add about half a cup of cold water and a selected colour before zipping carefully making sure to get most of the air out before closing the bag.
Mix around a little so the colour dissolves in the water and then just leave them somewhere for 15/20 minutes.


Tip: put the noodles in a strainer and shake it under the cold water tap for a bit until the water comes out clear at the bottom else you’ll end up with rainbow hands.

ENJOY it! And if you try it out let me know :)


6 thoughts on “Rainbow noodles anyone?

  1. Easy indeed! So trying this… will send a picture when I do! With three boys in my house I am sure that it will be a hit too :).

    Some useless info, you can also add food colouring to Fysh’s bath and it will not stain the bath or him, my three love the option of a green/blue/red bath simply because they can!!

    • it’s a little tedious but the pure happiness when they dig into colourful noodles is awesome. hahahaha not sure i’ll try that as the colouring i keep in the house does actually stain skin ;)

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