Random rambles and rumbles

A few days ago I wrote a post sort of venting about how few parents with issues actually blog about how they deal with said issues while raising kids. It seems to have caught a few peoples attention (even my moms) and it makes me all giddy and as giggly as a school girl when I think about the fact that quite a few people actually read my random musings about raising fysh alone while needing to try deal with things like sensory sensitivity, migraines, manic mood swings and a bunch of other boring issues.

The thing that’s been on my mind a lot lately is how judgemental the mommy community is and you can’t deny it. I simply don’t understand, sometimes I think the mommy wars could beat the religious wars into submission. You’d think that instead of making moms with depression feel even worse than they already do you’d support them and encourage them to get the help they need.

Love and support, not even love actually. Support makes all the difference in the world. Just knowing that I have friends who tolerate my insanity makes me feel a little more part of society, a little less of a reject. The thing is that the harsh words are the ones that stick.

I read somewhere once about a teacher giving all of his students a sheet of paper, he told them that paper was a friend, an enemy or just a stranger on the street. He made them crumple up the paper into a ball, telling them that the action is angry or harsh words being spoken. In the end he made them uncrumple the ball and smooth out the paper. No matter how muvh you try and smooth it out the damage has been done and cannot be taken back…

Just something to think about the next time you want to judge a mom in any way. She has her reasons for whatever she is doing, we might not agree with it for whatever reason but who is to say she agrees with all the ways you raise yours. Every one has some sort of issue. No one is perfect.


Just a random thought that turned into a random ramble.



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