They grow up so fast

I know It’s one of those phrases that parents use to death. That and “my but you’ve grown” to which I always have the urge to respond with “yes, people tend to do that over time”.

Yesterday I went to get some work done on on my little photography business at my mums house as #theclan have somehow managed to finish all 120gigs in just under 3 months. As the only computer in the house is mums and she obviosly has to attend to her Sa Kids on the Go stuff which is actually a lot of work {I take her place doing it when she is off on extended trips} and needs to be managed daily. Point being that I ended up using my little younger brothers laptop.

On it I found some music {i have to work with background noise, which is strange for an aspie I know} and I have to admit that his taste in music is not half bad. I’ve heard him blasting some of the “popular” crap that this generation has produced but low and behold – he enjoys quite a bit of the music I do.


@skinnyjeansandskateboards { yup he’s an instagram hipster kid} is 13 years my junior, a real laatlammetjie, he is the product of my mum and stepdad and definitely got his fathers genes as he really doesn’t look like us, especially not with the dark blond hair and brown eyes. Always amuses me that my german stepfathers stepchildren {my sister and I} look like the perfect aryan race {yes I am naturally a blond} whereas him and his son don’t.

Okay I lost the plot of this post a bit there. As I was saying, he is 13 years my junior and I still see him as this little 4 year old running around {we were in boarding school his first 4 years on this planet so didn’t really get to be a part of those} and causing havoc and utter frustration – he once “helped you paint sisa” a painting project for my art class that’s facial detail alone took me almost 5 hours to complete, and of course it was oil paint {my preffered medium after pencils} so I had to toss it and start over.

Yesterday I sat there looking at his music list, his skateboards and electric guitar… It scares me how quickly he is growing up, he’ll be a teen soon {I hope he isn’t a horrible teen like I was} and I’ll be the older uncool sister.


Then I look at fysh, he’s 3 already. He’s counting and so desperate to read. I much prefer this age to the tiny little prem that I was petrified to dress. It really does feel like just yesterday I was a crying wreck of post natal depression and untreated aspergers who fully believed that there was NO way I could look after this thing, this tiny screaming little thing and I very nearly let my mum adopt his as her own.
But I’m glad I have stuck it out, he really is my saving grace.


But these kids… They’re a constant reminder of how quickly time slips by without us really taking note until we sit at a PC and realise just how quickly we’re gathering the years. Life is so fleeting, I worry constantly that I’ll look back when I’m older and think “I really should have done XYZ” while I was able to.



5 thoughts on “They grow up so fast

  1. Growing up fast they do! I swear it was just yesterday when I brought my oldest home from the hospital. I remember leaving the hospital with him all swaddled in my arm, peering around the corners and sneaking off to our car. I couldn’t believe they were actually letting me leave with this little person! I was half waiting for someone to stop me. I thought at the time that it was the strangest thing to go into the hospital as one person, but come out as two.

    He was so tiny, and wrinkled; now he is bigger than I am. Thirteen years old! I am so not ready to have a teenager. The other two boys are growing so fast and time does fly by, but I really feel it when I look at my oldest; he’s growing dark hair on his arms and legs like a man! This growing stuff…it’s just got to stop… I am not ready!

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