Earlier today I posted how I miss my odd coloured hair but can’t afford to go back to it right now. Well @blondwithbrains heard my desperate cry for help… I have not one but TWO tubs of Manic Panic‘s Rockabilly blue heading my way!


So I’m going blue not purple for the simple reason that apparently this is the strongest blue they have and you need a lot less meaning the two tubs should last me till I can afford to stock up and get some more.

Can’t be more thankfull than I am right now!
Oh, and I went to the dragon mart (the local “china town” that’s opened up here) and found really awesome clip in extensions. They look awesome! But I need to figure out how to clip them in properly so it doesn’t look so obvious that my hair is actually short.


Also found a stunning snow white wig that I might consider getting and then using the manic panic to colour it seeing as there is no peroxide in it (it’s a vegan hair dye!) but not sure yet… Not really keen on a wig, always scared they come off!

Anyway, just needed to say thank you.
You readers are bloody amazing, I’m truly lucky to have you all xxx



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