Let’s go swinging

Last night was something else entirely. Fysh went to go sleep at his granny but not because I had made plans, she simply asked if he wanted to (when would he ever say no) so I turned to twitter and asked for a little guidance…

Live music, I love it so much more than the stuff the radio’s play, there’s somwthing different about it live. Well @autumnal_akika suggested that I ask @phaezen as he knows all about local live music. David suggested we check out #ShotgunWedding happening at Regazzi in Loop street (probably cause his band – which ended up being the best of the evening as decided by both Ian and I – @theratrodcats were playing) so I blackmailed bribed convinced Ian to join me.


ready to head out

It’s no secret how much I adore all things from the deep south… Well rockabilly and blues with a hillbilly twist had me swinging my hips and loving every minute of it! When the show ended at midnight I was actually a little sad.

After a bit of an arguement about the same topic we argue about everytime we get drunk and inevitably hook up again (friends joke we fight like an old married couple) we got home around 3 or 4, and passed out till 11am! Only reason we actually woke up was cause Mr’s bed is in the lounge and the lounge/dining/kitchen area is sort of open plan so when Shamus came trundling in…
Well, we’re “house mates” and there’s nothing between us bar drunken stupidity and no way it needs complications like shamus egging it on… Especially when we can’t even decide what to do about it.


So thankful mum was in no rush to go anywhere so I was able to get a cup of tea down and a nice steamy hot shower (I resembled madusa when I got up this morning), put my face on then got the Fysh as we I was running late for lunch with @thestilettomum and @tash_wen.

Charlotte treated us to pizza at panarotti’s – brilliant idea!
The kids got to make their own pizza’s and had a ball playing on the jungle gym thing while the mummy’s gossiped and teased the poor waiter (who was a GREAT sport and seriously needs a raise).


eating more cheese than is going on the pizza!


special mommy juice for @thestilettomum

Thanks to Ian, Tash and Char for the best weekend I’ve had in a VERY long time, love these psychos!



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