I refuse to sink

After a busy morning wearing my photographer persona at a cute princess party for miss gabbi who turned five today and then an afternoon of editing I decided it was time to put my feet up, put harry potter on and browse pinterest for a little bit while Ian and fysh did whatever boys do.

Earlier in the year I pinned a sailing inspired doodle that I thought would make a cute tattoo one day (but placement is always an issue) but sort of forgot about it. Today I found another cute one, also with an anchor but set into an infinity symbol. I still like the little quote from the other one so I decided to grab a pen and do a little doodling of my own.

A little bit of brain power mixed creative thinking and I now know exactly what will be done when I have $ {or a sponsor *hint hint* haha} again…
The cupcake on my wrist has a ribbon around it and I’ve often sat wondering how/what I could do to extend them (the one in particular) as I feel they sort of end abruptly… Clearly I subconciously knew I’d add to it at some point.


drawn with my left hand and a marker pen so no judging okay?!

Well to the ribbon veering right I’m going to add to have the ribbon make up the infinity symbol and then the plain black anchor, the ribbon that goes off to the left I want to spell out I refuse to sink. And it will wrap down from my wrist bone.

I think it’s really fitting actually… I have made a name for myself as the cupcakemummy and I adore my little cupcake tattoo, I’ve also always been encompassed in all things sailing and damned sure I always will be in one way or another.

And a little something for those always telling me (cough cough… Mom and Dad) I look like I’ve been hit with a wet newspaper and that I’ll regret all the ink one day…

It makes me laugh when people tell me I’m going to regret my tattoos when I’m older. Yeah, when my health is deteriotating and I struggle to get around, I’m sure the first thought I’ll have is “Damn, I wish I didn’t have tattoos that remind me of the good days.” not likely…
~ author unknown



4 thoughts on “I refuse to sink

  1. LOVE this! I have so many tattoos! each marking me in a certain way (excuse the obvious) but I love them, that is such a nice idea! My hubby is learning to tattoo! When were old im sure they will make new pictures hehehe x

    • Lucky you! Free ink ;)
      I have quite a few collected already, each one I get has such meaning to it and no matter what happens they are there to remind me of all the things I’ve been through and survived.

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