imagine that

Fysh has officially gotten to the imaginative play phase and I am loving it! I could sit and watch him for hours as he makes up stories with his cars. Some of them are a little disturbing, like when the car gets into an accident and dies and then the ambulance takes it for shock treatment :/ not sure where he gets that…

A phase that I am NOT enjoying right now is the “batman and robin and scooby” one… I can recite all the episodes in my sleep already! At least I’ve convinced him to watch the “flowers” movie tonight (the lorax)

Also got a tub of voodoo blue manic panic from the gorgeous Gabbi at @anonamissbeauty today so lightened my hair and applied it, it’s the base layer for when my Rockabilly Blue arrives!

I’ll post photos when I visit mum tomorrow (even the net on my tab is now capped *sigh* I feel lost!) As fysh decided he also wants blue hair…

And with that I wish you all a goodnight. It’s cuddles time with the fysh, accompanied by a cup of tea, a slice of milktart and the lorax :)


4 thoughts on “imagine that

  1. Love The Lorax! Watched it with the boys the other night. I know what you mean about reciting all the episodes too, but luckily for me I love Scooby-Doo. What I can’t stand is all new cartoons my older boys are watching. They are too loud, too many noises in the backgrounds, bleeping sounds like on video games… arghh my sensitivities cannot handle them!

    So I hide in the other room and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with the littest one. That is OK on my senses so I can read while he cuddles and watches. Night night, and happy cuddle times.


    • We don’t own a TV so his choice of movies is limited to what I allow. He’s grown up with all the older things like scooby, smurfs, gummi bears, babar etc. Much easier on the senses, and more educational.

      • They are definitely easier on MY senses that is for sure. But I wonder why the older cartoons are easier on the senses and it seems like all the new ones make me want to tear my hair out.

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