seeking adventures

Sometimes I truly confuse myself and it’s times like now that I am not at all surprised why people don’t understand me.

I could happily go live on an island swiss family robinson style – tree house, no power etc etc and I am adamant that I shall retire to one, perhaps not like that but at least a small cottage house on one somewhere.

Enter the confusion:

My internet is capped (both my wifi and my tab) and I feel lost! I can’t instagram or add photos to my blogposts (some issue the bb app has) and, well, okay so I guess that’s the only thing I can’t do, but I’m dying a slow agonizing death and it’s sad!

Times like this I really wish that I wasn’t so tied down, times like this I am so jealous of Ian – he can pack his bag and mission off to the next place without a care.

Bah… I was not made for an idle life, I need to find a way for fysh and I to LIVE not simply survive. I need to go traveling, to capture life in images and words. Damnit I need to get a contract that will have me relaying our adventures from somewhere new and exciting.

Though for now I’d like to thank the universe for all it has provided me with already – a gorgeous son, a spectacular circle of family and friends, a life filled with interesting twists and turns and a future filled with endless possibilities.


2 thoughts on “seeking adventures

  1. I was fortunate enough to travel when I was younger. The one thing that stuck with me however was the number of people travelling with their kids. I don’t know how they funded it (and did not ask) but i was so impressed. I met this French woman and her 5 year old daugher that were backpacking around New Zealand, Australia and Asia. It can be done.

    Also have you seen the blog 52 Suburbs? It is a Australian woman going around the world with her daughter photographing places as she goes. Worth a look for inspiration.

    • I spent a year in germany after school and my entire childhood was spent moving all over namibia and sa. I have terribly itchy feet. I’ll figure out a way for fish and I to make it happen, not sure how yet but I will!

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