once in a blue moon

It’s the last day of August. No that can’t be *checks calendar* okay so it really is. Time is moving by so swiftly you’d think it’s tiring of us and simply trying to rush along the inevitable. Sneaky.

As I was saying though, last day of August… this month has been TOUGH. Actually tough doesn’t really touch on just how trying a month it has been, the past two months really. Though in a way I am thankful as it’s during these times you know for certain who the important people are, those who stick around and put up with you during them.

September seemed so far away for so long, like a cookie jar on a shelf you JUST can’t reach, and now it’s here with all the sorrow (my bank account isn’t liking that it is empty when it’s expecting debit order visits) and joys (we’ll get to that now) that accompany it.

This year Spring is truly a new beginning, bringing in with it not only the pretty flowers that are sprouting up everywhere but new possibilities and a revived sense of hope. I no longer feel this impending doom hanging over my head. Yes I have two months to catch up on financially but I’m not as stressed as I thought I would be. I have this feeling that everything is going to be okay.

Shoots are being booked, weddings that lead to little road trips to see old friends are in the books, a special friend’s birthday night, huggies launch events, magazine articles being submitted and even a little shoot with the fysh and I.

Looking forward to September!

And to tonight’s blue moon of course, the last one we’ll have until 2015. Hope you’ve got something special planned :) I have the night off (second Friday in a row – definitely only happens once in a blue moon) as fysh is staying with granny again. As of yet no plans but we’ll think of something.

Have a blessed one. And remember to thank the universe for all that you’re surrounded with xxx


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