cinnamon, chilies and brown wings

You know when your stomach hurts so much from laughing you are certain you might just pee in your pants? Well that’s what happens at a Fowler/Vos braai. A and B are the best hosts ever, I don’t think we’ve been to a boring braai yet and last night lived up to the usual standards. The conversations are always a hoot, the food is always divine and the kids are always entertained.

Conversations revolved around very detailed topics such as piles, losing (or still having) your brown wings, unleaded fuel and a cinnamon challenge… none of these sound funny or appealing in retrospect but our little group can clearly turn ANYTHING into a good joke when you add a little alcohol and a fire. Plus with just enough you might even get to see me “cry my eyes out” after being tricked by a sneaky toddler to eat an entire homegrown chili.

I love having friends that I can just be myself at! Even more so I love having friends whom I can take Fysh with to visit and not constantly obsess that he might touch something he may not. We’re all parents and our kids thankfully get along like a house on fire. Last night it was just Fysh and C as A was with her dad but they somehow roped Ian and Mike into helping them build a fort – it was adorable watching all the “boys” just be boys.

And to top it off – Fysh and C fell asleep on the sofa watching whatever they were watching. How lucky am I to have friends my son is so comfortable around that he can happily KO on the sofa when he’s tired.

I am truly blessed.


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