cupcakes for hope

cupcakes for hope

This afternoon I was made aware that Mugg and Bean are hosting an amazing cause with aid of CUPCAKES! How brilliant is that… you KNOW that I am going to head on over to the nearest Mugg and Bean (not sure where that is now, most likely canal walk seeing as the bayside branch is still closed) and get Fysh a cupcake because no matter how tight the budget is we will dig into the sofa and empty out jacket pockets as this definitely needs supporting.

So if you haven’t already or if you didn’t know about it – head on over to your nearest Mugg and Bean and order a larger than life cupcake to help Cupcakes of Hope raise funds or if you have a little time to spare why not contact Cupcakes of Hope and see how you can help them directly.

On the 29th of September they will be celebrating South Africa’s first NATIONAL CUPCAKE DAY by hosting events all over SA where you can stop by and get a cupcake for R10 – all proceeds go to various causes and people who are affected by the sneaky little cracker that cancer is. Not sure how Fysh and I will be helping yet with things being so thin at home right now but even if we only bake 12 cupcakes for them we will do exactly that.

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. Author Unknown


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