Rest in peace

This morning I woke with a huge fright to someone trying to knock down my door (well that’s what it sounded like at least). Answering it with my morning face (#theclan have commented before that it’s the scariest thing ever. Me in the morning that is) ready to give the knocker a good piece of my mind I was annoyed surprised to find that it was the stoner neighbour.

When J was heading to work this morning he saw Mau laying oddly under the tree so he went to see why. Last night someone knocked my poor boy with their car. I’m not sure what is getting to me more right now, the favt that my beautiful and overly affectionate ginger kitty who didn’t even know how to climb a tree is now no longer with us or the fact that some asshole hit my cat and didn’t even stop to check if he’s okay. My little Mr died outside in the cold all alone :'(

As of yet Fysh is still unaware of what happened, though he’s a very intuned little man and I think he knows something is wrong as he’s been very teary eyed this morning. At first I thought I’d simply bury Mau and change the subject when Fysh asks where he is but I realised I can’t. Fysh loved loves Mau as much if not more than the rest of us and he has a right to know.

Today we say goodbye to a dearly adored pet, a key member in our little circus, family. We’ll have a little ceremony this afternoon where I’ll let Fysh bury him and plant the carnations (family tradition) to mark his resting place.

Losing someone is never easy and it’s a life lesson I really hoped Fysh wouldn’t have to deal with until much later in life.  My child has such a kind and loving soul, I hope that this choice to expose him to life’s cycle will not have a negative effect on that.


his favourite place - curled up on someone's lap


Mau getting comfy with Ian


Joonbug loved him just as much


Fysh and his beloved Mau

You’re going to be missed boytjie xxx



6 thoughts on “Rest in peace

  1. I am really so sorry for your loss. They so much become a part of our family. I am fearing that our two puppies, now almost 11 and 10 and a half will go soon and that we will have to deal with it. I can not even imagine

  2. Shame, nothing as sad as finding your kitty in that state…mine too was knocked and dumped in the veld. I couldn’t find her for 5 days and someone told me she was in the veld, SHOCKING! Some people are so cruel!

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