even i think i’m kooky

Shamus has told me stories about how I used to “see things” as a child, his favourite one to tell is the one that freaked my mum out of her socks: we were sitting (well they were sitting and I was running amok) at the yacht club in Lüderitz when I went to my mum and insisted we head to the harbor because “oupa” was coming (oupa was is not my real grandfather, he was our older neighbor when we lived in Saldanha – and they still live there – but he was the closest thing I had to a grandpa as all my real ones lived too far away) and she laughed and told me to go play. So I went to Shamus and told him the same thing – again, no matter how much I insisted he just told me to go play. So I shrugged it off and went outside.

Shamus always points out that there is no way you can tell if a yacht (or boat) is coming into Lüderitz unless they are already in the mouth of it. The yacht club (the original one) was amazing and had HUGE windows that wrapped right around so you could see out to the sandy play area, the private jetty, the harbor and even the entrance into Lüderitz. He tells of how he looked out the window about half an hour later and could see a yacht coming in, he asked Ray (the owner and barman) for his binoculars and almost dropped his beer, he told mum the name of the boat and she DID drop her wine glass.

In the end we headed to the harbor and arrived just as Oupa Koos was tying up the ropes. Shamus says Koos still looked questioningly at him and my very pale mum. He had no reason to come into Lüderitz and hadn’t planned on it till the last minute. He looked at me and said “I was thinking of you” and I simply replied “I know.”

It happens quite often; usually I don’t realize it until it actually happens. I see things and they happen though I “see” them as a memory so I generally don’t pay any attention to it till it happens. Things like knowing that I was going to be a single mom even though I never wanted kids, knowing that my grampa died before my gran woke up next to his corpse.

What brought this weird post on was a conversation I had with shamus a few months back, I asked him if petrol had ever been R11 as I clear as day remember sitting at the petrol station by mum and filling up and that was the price, he said no. this morning I was sitting at that petrol station putting in Diesel when I realized it was R11.41 a liter.

Anyway, whatever the reason behind my weirdness is it happens, it always has and I suppose it always will as Shamus says that my Irish granny was the same – oh joy, I seem to be the daughter who inherits all the odd genetics where as my sister gets the fast metabolism and gorgeous looks. Go figure.

Now if only I could remember what this weekend’s lotto numbers are…


2 thoughts on “even i think i’m kooky

  1. I used to do stuff like that too. I remember telling my parents what a hotel that we were going to stay at looked like inside. I told them it had black and white tiles in the passages. There was NO way I could have know that. I was 5 and we had never been there before. Sure enough – it looked exactly as I described. Odd feeling.

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