#goingweird – an update

I promised I’d keep you updated on the hair process…
My #RockabillyBlue arrived the 3rd but because the senders put a value on the parcel dear old customs made me cough up half the value (when sending things from overseas to SA put sample on it not a value else your recipient pays dearly) but thankfully an old family friend who is technologically challenged came around so I could fix his phone and gave me some $$$

So off to the post office Fysh and I went…


brown paper packages tied up with... tape

Then while lunch was on the go I got to it. The #RockabillyBlue is amazing, I’m not sure if it’s cause after Tuesdays haircut I have less thinner hair or if it’s cause the product is more potent but I used so much less than usual. Filled a cup with conditioner, mixed in some colour and got to painting


tools of the process

The result is amazing and better than I’d aimed for, well I think so anyway! I love it, it’s not quite BLUE yet, almost a teal but I am stoked.


the haircut is still taking some getting used to

Am sure the blue will get more so each time I touch up so will continue the updates but for now I wish you all bright blessings from the weirdo with teal coloured hair ;)



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