Reviewing the #GoBoosterCarSeat

Ever gone on holiday with a holiday with a toddler? I have and it’s chaos – not the holiday, the travelling bit. You have to think about clothes, toys and prams amongst other things and of course there is the car seat. If you’re travelling by plane chances are you’re going to need to take one with you and they are so big and bulky to lug around.

We were sent a GoBooster inflatable car seat to test out and do a little review on; I’ll admit I was skeptical at first… an inflatable booster seat? Sounds a little far-fetched. But all I can say is “where was this when Fysh and I went to Joburg in December?! ”

When deflated it rolls up into a bag much like the way a tent does and it’s small enough and light enough that it can be easily packed into bag so that whenever the need arises it can be quickly blown up and safely secured. Instant car seat!

It’s easy to blow up and uses roughly 6 big breaths to inflate though it did take my great-grandmother a few more than 6. And blowing it down is just as easy because attached to the cap is also a nifty little thing that keeps the valve open for you to let the air out.

The round valve like thing at the bottom of the seat is for expansion purposes – when left in the car the sun will make it expand due to the heat so to stop it from exploding the valve releases air when the seat expands too much. Hence being able to stand on it and not pop it.

It fits into the car easily and quickly and has adjustable sections on the side so you can move the chest piece up or down depending on how tall the child is. And it’s COMFORTABLE: Fysh even fell asleep in it :)

The cherry on the cupcake? They’re easy to clean!

The GoBooster will be sold at the Baba Indaba in Sandton (26-28 October) as well as the Mama Magic exhibitions in Cape Town (2-4 November) and Johannesburg (29-2 December) at a special introductory rate of R675.00 instead of the normal retail price of R895.00. For more information or to place an online order, please visit SA kids on the Go!


4 thoughts on “Reviewing the #GoBoosterCarSeat

  1. A blow-up carseat? Hummm, I guess if we can sleep on blow-up mattresses we can sit on blow-up car seats. I absolutely had to read your review and take a look at your pics! It definitely would be much easier than lugging around the big monster seat we have. Interesting…

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