No. You’re a mom.

According to Fysh I am nothing but a mom.
Let me explain…

Conversations that have been had this past week:

Fysh: I’m a boy, Ian is a boy and Avril is also a boy. Joon is a girl
Me: I’m also a girl
Fysh: no, you’re a mom

I have a tiara clip in my hair
Fysh: why you gots a princess on?
Me: cause I AM a princess
Fysh: no, you’re a mom

Fysh: mom I’m a person.
Me: yes
Fysh: and uncle Rudi is also a person
Me: yes. Everyone is a person
Fysh: no, you’re a mom

See the pattern here? Somehere along the line I apparently had the mom hat glued on tight… It’s a title I am honored to wear but hey… I’m also a person!

Oh, and he’s now in the mooooooooooo oooom. MOOOOOM! “what?!” where you? “*insert location*” but i can’t see you « it was cute the first few times but now I think he’s just about used up his quota of the word mom.



8 thoughts on “No. You’re a mom.

  1. Very cute! But don’t you just feel like changing your name sometimes? “Mom!”
    “There’s no one here by that name, leave me alone!” lol

    My littlest guy (19 months) just got the word done pat. “Moooom” and he will keep saying it so I turn around, or ask him what, and then giggle and do it again!

    But atlas with the older ones I have evolved to more than “just Mom,” maid, butler, garbage collector, raving lunatic…I’ve earned sooo many other titles now.

    Does your little guy stick his fingers under the bathroom door, or try to “see” underneath crack to see where you are yet?

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