Otherside the lens

I’ve never been truly confident with this body I live in, not sure why as I know it’s just a means to a shell but with the pressures of socitey I suppose it’s no wonder I feel this way.
Because of this I am not often in front of a camera (though instagram is different for some reason) but last night nearing midnight I got this message:

I need your feet in super high shoes, but your tats showing with a pair of sexy knickers around your ankles.

You can image what thoughts ran through my mind before SHE told me it was for a photography project (she attends the Andrew Owen School of Art in Somerset West) so I was pretty honored seeing as she was willing to drive all the way out here “because you have really sexy legs” haha *blush* I love my crazy friends!

I feel like shit (literally as I have Ian’s bloody tummy bug!) but agreed to help her out. Took a while as you can imagine, between Fysh and I being sick, but she was really patient.

Here are a few instashots I snapped up from the preview, once she’s edited them and what not I’ll post the actual ones up :)


look how skinny i look!


getting (and keeping) my foot that angle was HARD!


grungy elegance


the original shot she wanted


adore this shot of Fysh and I

Hate not feeling well and to top it off I had to cancel going into the office today which led to a rather nasty email from the employer who clearly doesn’t care about Fysh and I not feeling well. What is it with me ending up with employers like this?! Seems like I have NO luck when it comes to relationships and employment. Time to get back into my photography full swing.
Being my own boss just works better for me.



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