friends, vodka and kiddie pools

I have this friend who I only see in Spring/Summer, it’s not that we do it on purpose, it just always works out that way. So we have a little tradition of her coming to me (as she lives the road behind me and my house just seems easier for some reason), we sit with our feet in Fysh’s pool and bubbly in hand. Usually I’ll make dinner, if we remember to make it :P

Tonight was the start of the season, we celebrated with bubbly and cosmos, and to top it off Ian did the cooking AND he did the bedtime routine with Fysh so that I could get some girly time in with my friend. There’s something great about a seasonal friend cause when you see them SO much has happened you have enough to talk about. Well it seems to work for us.

This week has been full of old friends making reappearances (and it’s only tuesday!) fromRoss and Tamlyn-Kay to Monique and Nicole… Wonder who’s next. It’s also been a week of intense drama between some really special people and a dear friend got hurt in the process. There are few people I really “let in” and keep close – those lovelies like @vonimoller who have been around more than half my life will confirm that – so when one of them get screwed over… Well it doesn’t make me happy. BUT keeping this positive…

I’ll be spending some time with a bunch of amazing people,  two very dear lady friends in particular who are definitely not of the seasonal kind, (more like the kind who you’d have to kill if you become enemies cause they know too much, the ones you can’t get rid ofeven if you tried) and I can’t freaking wait… Hope you two are ready to rock #huggiesmomville!

So here’s to old friends and new friends, to the nights we won’t remember (or the ones we at least pretend we don’t) and those we’ll never forget.

I’ll leave you with the beatles: A little help from my friends



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