Cheeky little shite

Fysh spends very little time around kids his own age, sure we have playdates with friends but he doesn’t go to a “normal” daycare. His days are spent either at home with me and #theclan, at the nanny who owns a high school homeschool consisting of teens and her teenage daughter or at my mum with my 11 year old brother. Because of this he doesn’t quite act or respond like kids his age, he reacts as an adult would. Most people would look at him and think “what a cheeky brat” but is it only cheeky because a toddler is doing it? If it’s not appropriate on them then why is it okay for us? We learn best when we see something done, our kids do what we do not what we say. So is my son cheeky or just a clever and observant little man? I guess it depends on your views…



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