Spreading hope with @kfcsa #addhope

I was lucky enough to get a media invite from Oglivy to attend the send off for Riaan Manser who will be cycling across SA on a low calorie intake in a mapped out route that spells HOPE.


You’ve been to KFC in the past year right? Ever noticed their add hope campaign? A simple R2 to your bill that goes to feeding those who can’t afford to feed themselves. I never really thought anything of it till today though, I always add that R2, whats R2 after all, but when you’re counting pennies that R2 makes the world of difference. Ever noticed that those who help are those who are least able to?


Riaan is a South African solo-adventurer, who is finally doing something purely for charity and on home soil. Usually I’d shrug something like this off as a publicity stunt or a need for fame but after meeting Riaan I can say he’s after neither. One of the most down to earth and truly passionate about what he is doing.

The send off happened to fall on his birthday! So there was cake and singing.


Breakfast with some of the kids at the SOS childrens village in Thornton


And then the send off… Fysh raided my ashtray for coins to go put in the #addhope bicycle and gave Riaan a good luck hug.



If you want to follow the adventure you can do so on twitter with either the hastag: #addhope or Riaan’s twitter profile: @RiaanManser. You can also go to www.addhope.co.za



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