Cupcakes and sailor logic

Sunday is traditionally the day we spend at mum just lazing about and having a braai but after a huge fight with Hitler about his perfect son who can do NO wrong and how it’s always Fysh and my attitude that stink I packed up our stuff, left mum’s place and headed into town to do the lazy thing at Shamus. Funny how well him and I get along again now that we don’t see each other daily.


the old fart and I

I put up curtains in all the boys dorms so they can now get dressed without flashing the world and then parked off in the shade just talking crap and reminiscing with the old fart.


this is sailor logic for you - shit, shower and shave... all at the same time!

Also planning on a little trip to Australia next month, working holiday as such because I’ll be booking shoots to cover all the travelling expenses. Planning it to co-incide with my “nephew’s” birth so am super excited and hope it comes off (if you want or know of someone who wants photos done please shout). I need a change of scenery and I can’t wait to spend some time with my Aussie family!

Two days of intense heat and I’m already missing winter… I’m starting to rethink my plan of retiring on an island somewhere.



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