teeny tiny rant post

There are times (like now) when being your own boss is a bitch. I’m supposed to be at the hospital with @ReyV3004 to support her during the procedure that will inform us of what’s up with my ailing friending and yet here I am still stuck in the house waiting for a client to come and fetch a DVD.

See the problem here lies with the fact that said client still owes me for the shoot. In general I insist on being paid prior to or on the day of the shoot as this simply ensures all costs are covered and it helps out a hell of a lot. Now if I was having a good month I’d be happy for her to fetch it at any point and pay when possible but right now I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I have a car with a fuel tank in the red, a birthday party (all the way in town) of an amazing friend to attend a DVD drop off and a MM mompreneur event tomorrow. Not to mention that I have to travel to Paternoster on Friday for a wedding…

Can you see the dilemma here? I’m stuck at home waiting for her because that mere R500 that is outstanding is what’s holding me back from all of the above… sometimes I really wish I was a normal person with a normal 9-5 job that sucks but ensures all the bills are paid.

Because I have to stay positive: I suppose the silver lining here would be… not sure yet actually because I hate letting people down due to something as stupid as finances. Grr!


2 thoughts on “teeny tiny rant post

  1. I have the same problem,working for yourself is not what everyone thinks it is! Decided to start looking for a regular job again! Tired of fighting for payment from customers!

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