working off those cupcakes

All the chaos that happened this week with Tin Tin and so on kind of left me in no mood to get up and work out which I know is NO excuse so in order to motivate myself to get off my arse I thought I’d retake the measurements that I did on the 11th to scare myself into going for that jog or to do those sit-ups and yet these are the results I got:

STATS 11-Sep 18-Sep
WEIGHT : 82.7kg 81.3kg
HEIGHT : 164cm 164cm
BOOBS : 110cm 108cm
CHEST : 91cm 91cm
UPPER ARMS : 34cm both sides 33cm both sides
WAIST : 93cm 91.5cm
HIPS : 95cm 95cm
THIGHS : 63cm both sides 61.5cm left 63 right < WTF happened there?!

It doesn’t really scare me into doing it BUT it does motivate me to keep eating healthy and to keep saying no to all the junk food – so despite my very uncharacteristic Friday shenanigans and all the yummy comfort food at the Huggies Momville launch I was still able to inch a little closer to that goal (which I still haven’t decided on yet).

I hope my weigh in buddy is doing better than I am when it comes to getting up and doing those jumps and keeping away from the cookie jar…

oh and here is the cute little motivational tracker thingy that I made for above the cookie jar :)

Now where did I put that bottle of water…


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