give me a love story like

If there is one thing I will never deny it’s my love for the Harry Potter series. I remember cracking open my first novel, I was in Vredenburg and my dad brought the book back from the states as a souvenier.  The rest of course is history, reading each book as it came out, that anticipation and impatience that crept in when one book was finished and the next was still in the works. Until the last one, I was not impressed with how the last one was written, it was too scripted, like I was reading a manuscript and not one of my favorite books. That being said it was the best book to movie adaption of the lot of them.

Well tonight has ended my week long Harry Potter marathon and out of all 8 movies the last one always has me in constant tears. I can watch it a billion times and I will still cry every time the bury Dobby, i giggle everytime Professor MCG calls Mr Filch a blithering idiot, I do an eternal happy dance when Mrs Weasly calls Bellatrix a bitch and most of all – every time Harry witnesses Snapes memories in the penceive I think about how that is what I want one day, for someone to love me as unconditionally and fiercely as he did Lily.

I know that life is not a book or a move, but if our conscious can dream up such tings the surely there must be some form of truth in it right? People thought flying was for the birds till the Wright brothers believed in their dreams, cars were fantasy and had you told a 16 year old me that I’d be blogging from a little tablet on my lap a mere 8 years on I’d have thought you mad. So is it really that much of a stretch to hope that one day I’ll find something as such? People want love like Romeo and Juliet but I think that’s just cause they never read the book (hello, wake up and smell the bullet to the head… they both commit suicide at the end!) I say that if you’re going to pick fictional characters try choose ones with more character to them instead of two lustful and rebelious teenagers?

Give me a love as strong as that of Shape towards Lily and a love story like that of Lily and Marshall! (Just realised both are Lily… damn it I’m doomed haha)

That’s enough late night rambling from me… wishing you all much of loves, hope and good wishes xxx
Oh… and while Googling I found this on youtube – Truck Yeah by Tim McGraw,  it’s a good giggle… and I do so enjoy country music.



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