Keep you enemies closer

They say you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer. First of who is “they” and where the hell do “they” come up with this shit. Though today that’s kinda what I did. The Argentinian and I had a “bonding” session, more like I needed her to know where we stand etc and she told me how jealous she is of me because Tin Tin constantly talks about me… Well what am I suuposed to do about that exactly? Not my fault I’ve known him longer and we get on like woof and fire. But anyway, I tolerated her for more than the usual few minute stretch and even ended up at a braai with a bunch of strangers, which is NOT me. I have mini panic attacks when I am surrounded by people I don’t know from a bar of soap, usually I latch on to someone I know and she’s not exactly the one I wanted to latch on. Ended up busying myself with the weird twine she carries around religiously and made a bracelet then she wanted a small french braid that I tied off with an intricate knot that led to all the girls there wanting it done.

Thankfully I could cut the visit short as I had a shoot… A saving grace I tell you. Proud of myself for handling it so well, even Tin Tin was shocked to his toes when he heard we’d spent the afternoon together, though I’m certain he was more worried than shocked. Hahahaha. So neither of us really like the other and that’s okay, we can’t be liked by everyone. Well I’m off to bake (soon as the Fysh is asleep, which is hopefully in the next few minutes as I myself might just pass out early tonight) as I promised Adrian and Shamus they would get cupcakes tomorrow :) I hope you all had a wonderfull heritage day braai day!



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