Think i need to do this. NOW!

For The Love of Nail art

This Thursday is my birthday and in celebration of it, I wanted to do something birthday orientated.
I wanted to do cupcakes because @cupcakemummy made me some for my birthday but I had NO clue how to do such art. Luckily Tip Top posted a step-by-step and I followed that.
This is my take on that tutorial with my own tools and products. You have to excuse that I’m using a false nail to demonstrate. I was so excited to do my nails that I completely forgot to take photos FOR my tutorial.


  • Base and Top coat.
  • Background/Base colour for your art. I used Tip Top’s Melting Marshmallow.
  • Colour for your cupcake’s cup. I used Tip Top’s Tickled Pink.
  • Black polish for your pleats in your cup.
  • White for your frosting.
  • Colours for your sprinkles. I used Tip Top’s Summer Secret and Cha Cha Cha.
  • Pink/Red for your cherry…

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