Barbosa Social Cafe’

This afternoon I met with Barbosa Social Café’s owner – what an easy going guy – about how to get the “brand” out there. They used to be Bueno Vista V&A but they have changed to Barbosa so of course people are a little unawares of this and they need to get it out there that they are still around.

If you haven’t heard of it yet and you’re into finding a spot that’s got a real vibe to it but at the same place somewhere you can sink into a leather sofa or get great food (their wood fired pizza’s are amazing, as are their chilli poppers!) then this is definitely it. The decor is typical old cuban style (what I imagine old cuba to be like at least) with chipped paint and miss matched tables and they have everything from live bands to salsa classes (I’ll be joining one tonight – oi vey…) on various nights.

They also happen to be the place where the major after parties are held; Kings of Leon, Manchester United, Cold Play, U2, amongst others and they will also be hosting the Linkin Park pre and after parties on the 3rd of November… but it gets better… I shall now be managing their social media! yay me :P

Now the BIG news… as I said; the official Linkin Park pre and after party will be held at Barbosa Social Cafe‘ on the 3rd of November this year. They will be giving 1 lucky person the following: 2 tickets to the actual concert, 8 VIP tickets to the after party, R1000 food bill as well as a R1000 bar tab. Oh how friggin awesome is that?!

Entries will open on Friday as it gives us time to set up and be prepared for the flood ;) but you can go and show the twitter account some love (it’s new and needs it!) or like their Fanpage to keep up to date. And if you’re not busy tonight come join in the salsa class… I’ll be there barefoot and clumsy. Oh, and a bonus: if you order pizza on a Tuesday night you get 2 free Numetro movie tickets!


2 thoughts on “Barbosa Social Cafe’

  1. Hi. Are you still working with Barbosa Social Cafe? I’ve been googeling to try to get a hold of the contacts to the restaurant but the only number there is to find does not work. Have they closed down? I know people who have tried to call many times during the holidays but since they don’t answer they book at Buena Vista Instead. Do you have a contact that is working?

    Best regards,
    The Chilli Popper- Lover

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