you CAN teach an old dog new tricks

The saying goes that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, well I think that’s bullshit and I’ve proved that the theory stands on its head.

The past few months Shamus has shown an ever growing interest in this “blogging thing” that I do and finally decided that he’d like to give it a go. He’s a brilliant writer and has an astounding way with words, we could both be given the same topic and yet his story will have the words grab you by the grey matter and your attention kept. Clearly I need a few years at sea for this skill to progress…

Well, I set up a wordpress blog for him, did a little basic photo here and there – he needs to figure out what he wants before I “beautify” it any further though. He’s even written a post all on his own, okay so he forgot to title it and I had to show him (yet again) how to add a photo into the post BUT he managed and he even figured out how to add tags. Pretty proud of the old fart considering he’s well into his second half of a century already.

If you want to see where I get my oddities from you can follow him over at The Pentridge Yoda – it’s mostly about the going-ons at the sailing school, the mishaps and stupidity of the aspiring sailors as well as their accomplishments of course, broken yachts and blown engines… but as I said, his writing will most certainly keep you entertained :)


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