89 days 09 hours 25 minutes and 15 seconds


According to the xmas countdown clock there are only 89 days and about 9 1/2 hours till the creepy fat guy in a red suit is supposed to visit us, that should be read as: till we have to empty out our pockets.

I’m one of those strange people, I used to really love the festive season. As a kid my mum and dad went ALL OUT! We used to put water and carrots down for the reindeer (that was kicked over and eaten) and they pooped chocolate covrred raisins all over the grass. The tradition is what I miss most, the warm feeling of family and love.

We (my sister and I) would wake up at the crack of dawn to run into the lounge just to make certain santa visited, then back to the room to collect our stockings and jump on the grandparents bed. Mum would amble in around 7 and the adults would lazily have their coffee while we rushed them along. EVENTUALLY we all made our way to the lounge, taking up seats around the tree. My grampa always handed them out as we spent xmas there and hewas the manof the house.

After the gifts were dealt out my sister and I would spend the morning playing (or argueing) while the ladies made a HUGE lunch and the guys, well I’m not really sure what they did actually. Lunch was always a big buffet of every food imaginable and the left overs kept us going well up till new years.

Things have been vastly different since mum married hitler, we now celebrate it the german way – mum cooks all day, we eat for 20min, clean up the dishes then go for a drive to see the lights, I always make some excuse to stay behind then rush around like a fool to get the gifts under the tree before everyone gets back and “surprise” santa was here. Then we open gifts (this is about 9pm already) and go to bed… Not as much fun right?

This has me wondering… Do I go through with the whole “a fat man brings you gifts” thing with Fysh or not? To me I don’t see the point, perhaps if we still celebrated it on the 25th I’d feel different but then again with the shops being as greedy as they are with their decor ALREADY up and of course all the fake santas that walk around they don’t exactly make this whole situation any easier.

Despite my pessimism about this particular hallmark holiday I do love giving (and receiving) gifts so I urge you to join in the #bloggysecretsanta that The Stiletto Mum is managing. Entering is simple and everyone is welcome (even those who don’t blog or are over the waters), you still have till mid November to get your name on the list. The rules are simple: gifts must be no more than R100 (get creative!) excluding postage and parcels must be sent with a tracking number if not hand delivered. See… EASY AS A CUPCAKE! There are 60 participants on the list so far, let’s aim for 100?!

Well this cynic is knitting a few gifts so let me get back to it ;)



One thought on “89 days 09 hours 25 minutes and 15 seconds

  1. Aurora’s dad being German is the same – Christmas is celebrated on the 24th, and he wants her every 24th which means I only see her Christmas morning. So I’m thinking of not even mentioning Santa because she doesn’t go to sleep at my place to wake excited to look for presents. It’s kinda sad actually. :(

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