Just dance


I think I’ve found my new love in life… Dancing!
Not just any dancing, good old fashioned “it’s like sex on a hardwood floor” kinda dancing.

I joined in on a salsa class at Barbosa Social Cafe last night after some convincing from K and I’m really glad I did as I had so much fun! I won’t pretend I’m the next dirty dancing star and I’m pretty sure my rythm sucks but I don’t particularly care because I seriously had the time of my life! I could forget about all the worries that have been keeping me down and just enjoy myself, as well as learn something new at the same time.

I dragged Adrian with me but the poor boy is born and bred hunter boer seun so he has two left feet and the rythm of a concrete wall but apparently he enjoyed himself, think next time I’m taking Tin Tin with me. Oh yes… I’m most certainly planning on their being a next time, and a next and a next and… Well you get the picture.

If you’re keen on learning then come join, they have classes 3 times a week and Sundays there’s a free class (it might move to Saturdays soon). Keep the 13th of October open… They’re having a 1950’s havanna nights salsa party :) We only get one chance to live this life… Why not make the most of it and do something new and out of character?

Life might not be the party you hoped for, but while you’re here you might as well dance



One thought on “Just dance

  1. Sounds like a good workout! i would be terrified if i was in front of an “audience”. My best friend, who is the complete opposite of me in every way, is a stripper. she has been talking about visiting me and taking me pole dancing classes. im completely shy i doubt i would feel comfortable doing that. Belly dancing sounds fun too.

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