Take that McGyver!

Earlier today I caught Fysh scribbling on the back of my beautiful red sofa, not sure how to be mad about it though as it’s the most toddler like mischief he’s ever gotten upto. Regardless, he was sent to the room for a time out…

There is only one door in the house that locks, this happens to be his room, generally the key is kept in a drawer but with Avril in Fysh’s room it’s in the door. I’m sure that at this point your imagiation can conjure up what happened, yes the little shite locked himself in the room. Should be a simple fix right? Take out the key and shove it through the door or out the window… Wrong! The key got stuck and he couldn’t get it out the door.

Enter panic mode! I tried kicking the door in but of course I live in one of those old houses where things were still built properly so that was a fail. Enter the quick thinking mommy in me who could out do McGyver! A screwdriver, a bobby pin, tweezers and fondue stick – all thats needed to unlock a door with a key in it… Scary right?!


I swear that I lost a good few years of my life today from the stress and panic! Kids, they give you grey hairs.



5 thoughts on “Take that McGyver!

  1. Ohhhh my how I can relate. My 3 year old son has locked himself in the bedroom dozens of times and when I couldn’t find the key, I used a skewer. Guess they can be used for more than just shish-kabobs?

  2. My oldest locked himself into the bathroom when he was about 2. I was alone at home with him, ended up calling the neighbour but he couldn’t open it either. My son eventually wiggled the key loose himself!!

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