24 before 25 update

Today is exactly 6 months till my 25th birthday… till I’m a quarter century, that’s a long time and I’m pretty certain I’ll celebrate at least 3 more of these ¼ century marks – yes I see myself at a hundred. Not sure why but I do. I might be wrong, I might be right. Only time will tell…

So it’s time I update you on my list. I do it every year and every year one more thing gets added to it. Also, what doesn’t get accomplished gets rolled over to the next year’s list though obviously I try tick off as much on it as possible. Last year I was left with only two things to tick off I think so not bad!

1. Have a tea party for my 25th birthday – this is still happening.
2. Do something spontaneous – I joined a salsa class really last minute and LOVED it!
3. Send a teddy around the world – The teddy went missing on Fysh’s birthday and has yet to find his way home.
4. Get a decent job, a stable one with a good monthly income – I should take this off because I will never be able to maintain a desk job that pays a set wage, or a boss that really understands my issues.
5. Study – preferably psychology – So it’s not quite psychology (couldn’t afford it) but I’m doing my day skippers.
6. Get a new car – Not NEW but also not my old unreliable golf.
7. Go travelling with fishness, preferably out of the country – erm, I wish?!
8. Bungee jump or Skydive – ditto the above sentiment. Need $$$ or some really great connections.
9. Read 50 books – I’m on book 25 right now!
10. Own a Polaroid camera – again with the whole money thing *sigh*
11. Buy a new bed (or mattress) – this is what I’ve told everyone to club together and get me for my birthday.
12. Visit with my Shoemate – she’s back in SA next week so maybe… just maybe.
13. Build a giant sandcastle – Tin Tin and I took Fysh to the beach and we made a gigantic one!
14. Have a family photo shoot done with fyshness – Recently did a shoot with @blindcripple from Overexposed. Will post a photo or two when I get them.
15. Get that compass rose tattoo I’ve always wanted – Attempting to save for this, proving to be a tough task though.
16. Jump off a waterfall – does the mini one at kirstenbosch count? probably not…
17. Become famous – According to @thestilettomum I already am, but then again she’s bias :P
18. Have an article featured in a magazine – WATCH THIS SPACE
19. Get to my goal weight – pff…
20. Let go of 100 balloons – depends on the cost of helium next year haha
21. Remember to stop and smell the roses – guess this is an on-going thing
22. Buy a pair of white shoes and doodle on them – need to find a pair first, if you’ve seen any great ones let me know please
23. Learn Sign language – Fysh and I are actually doing this together.
24. Learn to love myself – about that. 

If you’re able to help tick anything off the list PLEASE do, I’ll pay you back in kindness and cupcakes :P


3 thoughts on “24 before 25 update

  1. love this post. you have some great things on your list, but you do know there is only one that really really matters, hey? :-)
    (Oh, and yes, you’d better delete #4. You’re too much of a free thinker and spirit to fall for that one). :-)

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