high tea at mannabay

Yesterday Mommy Matters treated their newest bloggers to a high tea at Mannabay Boutique Guest House in Oranjezicht. Being one of their new contributors I got an invite as well, and I’ll have you know that I actually made an effort to look “girly”, yup – did my hair and make-up, put on a dress and I even put on shoes! Capetonians are more than welcome to blame yesterday’s weather on me.

The guest house is gorgeous and really had me feel under dressed even though I was probably more dressed up than I have been in a VERY long time. The tea time spread was yummy – those wraps were DIVINE and I’m sure that if I could I’d have eaten them all.

I should probably apologise for my verbal word vomit and quirky oddities but then again all the ladies read my blog here and I’m sure they were well aware of my “traits” before the time (though perhaps not 100% prepared haha). The ladies were are great! There were 6 of us of which the Ninja Mommy, the Colouredful Wife and Baby Bugs ‘n Berries were strangers (in person) though it’s funny how stalking reading people’s blogs takes that whole “stranger” stigma away. Others there were Juice in my wine glass, and the Mommy matters team (Hurricane Hamza and Cape Town Mommylogues).

Now I have to decide on my niche so that I can start actually posting for MM but I have such a broad topic spectrum that I post on here that I’m going to have to sit my big bum down and really think about what that niche is exactly.

And as Kathy said… bloggers… you can’t take them anywhere:

Ladies… I had a great time! Can’t wait to arrange boozy get-together’s play-dates with you lot and the kiddos :)


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