A little thanks goes a long way

Yesterday I had a mild freakout moment where I felt like the world was against me and about to come crashing down around me but after a little vent here and some outside perspective I know that was merely weakness speaking.

A little time outside in my garden (more like a forest as the lawn needs to be trimmed), fresh air and the breeze through the trees, a chat with myself and a little prayer of thanks for all that I do have has me feeling much better and far more optimistic.


I got a ton done, all the washing is clean and room is shifted into summer position (yes it changes fue to seasons), responded to emails I’ve been putting off for some reason that has led to a few shoots being booked which I am beyond thankful for as well as a great response to the first draft of my article which is due to be published in next month (or the month after as not sure how they publish).

Fysh is still in that mood he’s been in, not sure what the problem is though I think he is bored. Soon as things come right financially I’d like to enrol him in some form of sport, going to have to google and see what’s available in the area but he most certainly needs some form of outlet. He’s more like me than I realised.

Tomorrow I get to go sailing, can’t wait! Need some time out on the water again, been a while now that the school is up at Pentridge house instead of at the V&A itself.

Now I’m feeling a little crestive so think Fysh and I am going to paint a tshirt or something :)



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