being a foster mum

So I’m going to be a foster mommy for a while! A gorgeous husky is on death row as he keeps escaping from his camp so needs to be in confinement and because of this he’s going to be euthanised in the next week as huskies simply cannot be confined, it’s no life for them at all.

Even though things are financially tough here right now there is no way I can let them put down this beautiful animal, plus I’m sure that Joonbug will love the company and that Fysh will enjoy having another dog to torture (Joon will like the break from that I’m sure). I’m just hoping my walls are high enough to keep him in.


strauss - doesn't he look like a giant teddy bear?!

I know huskies are a lot of work but think I’ve had great practice with Joonbug, going to need to get a second harness for our walks though :) Best thing abput active dogs is I’m forced into a daily walk even if I’ve been slack on the running.

And a side note… Before going out and buying a dog, please go past a kennel, there are amazing souls who really deserve a great and loving home way more than a breeder needs the money. Just go look on gumtree, huskies go for R1400 to R5000 per woof, now don’t you think the R500 at a kennel to a woof who might get put down sounds better? And just so you know… Not only, mutts end up at a kennel.

Also, if anyone is able to foster a husky please let me know as there is a second little boy who needs some love till he finds a forever home.



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