sailing, gatsbys, new propellers and some mommy pleasures

Today was… Essential, necessary, vital.
I spent the day in one of my happy places (I have a few) – on and around yachts! I know I sometimes often complain how much I dislike working for myself but days like this remind me how bloody lucky I am that I do! (Though I have an interview at for a seasonal position on Friday so this might change for a bit soon).

Ingwe’s propeller is shot, no seriouly it actually looks as if someone took a pellet gun and used it as target practice that’s how corroded it is. So we (Tin Tin, the Martian and I) took her through to the RCYC to be picked out the water for a good clean (barnacles and moss like gunk grow at the bottom of yachts) and a shiny new propeller :)


Weather wasn’t the nicest and Ingwe is a small 34 footer so yes… I got rather wet on the way there but the cool wind in my face and the smell of the ocean made the showers completely okay!


After Tin Tin changed his mind 3 times as to which side we would tie up (which meant the Martian and I had to keep moving and retieing the damn fenders and mooring lines) we finally got settled and had Ingwe hoisted up and out of the water onto her dollie.



Many curse words, a few fingernails filed down and a yummy gatsby later had Ingwe sporting a brand new propeller and a nice clean hull!



I know this makes no sense to many but I really had a great day getting soaked, seeing old faces at the RCYC, getting my hands dirty (and nails sandpapered) and most of all I got to spend the day with Shamus and Tin Tin (and the Martian of course) which was the highlight. I miss my friend dearly, even after all the chaos and emotional rollercoasters we’ve been through, yes I still think he’s a serious bloody chop who needs to stop being so damned negative about himself and stick to promises but he will always be a friend I have an unexplainable bond with.

Oh, I almost forgot… I entered a competition earlier this week just for a laugh and I actually won! What did I win? Well the company is called Whet Sensuality Emporium so take a wild guess ;P Yup… I am after all more than just a mom!

I hope you all had just as brilliant a day today :)
Tomorrow we get to meet our foster pup!

And to end off I’m going to leave you with the words of Mr Bigwell…

You can shine no matter what you’re made of



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