i’m not dead. just kinda…

I’ve mentioned before that the finances haven’t been top notch the past few months and with that I’ve missed a few payments seeing as putting food in the fridge for Fysh and Joon come before things that I need which means my tab was cut off till I back-pay what I owe leading to no internet unless I’m near wifi. The joys of being an only parent with a single income, I really do envy those who have someone to help or even get a smidgen of maintenance.

So I’m still around… just not all the time. I’m sure things will get better soon. At least I hope they do anyway.


5 thoughts on “i’m not dead. just kinda…

  1. Hi there, just a note, use it don’t use it. In South Africa if you can’t get maintenance from the father you can apply to the magistrates court to get it from the father’s parents. My daughter’s biological father (we were never married) left SA to move to England, he didn’t even say goodbye to her because his first priority was to go under the maintenance radar. I phoned his mother and said that unfortunately because he was defaulting on his responsibility I would be claiming maintenance from her, she then spoke to him (after telling me that she didn’t have his contact details) and I was paid every month thereafter (sometimes a bit late).

    • Unfortunately his parents are in the UK as well but I wouldn’t ask that family for a cent, they’ll just lord it over me. Really not a nice lot of people at all, they have seen fysh once despite being in the country numerous times. I can have him extridited and put in jail till he pays but he’s a stereotypical jew and a down right ass of a being. Rather just continue to struggle than invite them back into our lives in any way.

  2. I have done the single mom bit and it is NO FUN…. I wouldn’t ever have gone after the grand parents for maintenance. I didn’t beg the Dad either. I just did what I could with what I have. Lots of cereal for dinner nights!

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