A casual vacancy


On the 27th of last month @PenguinBooksSA‘s courier showed up at the school with an awesome package for me – J.K. Rowling’s latest book The Casual Vacancy coupled with a redbull and a slab of the new bubbly aero chocolate.

At first I was rather skeptical, a little weary to read it because let’s face it; this year marks 15 years since the first potter book was released meaning that I was 9 when Mrs Rowling entered my life and captured my attention. Now, 15 years later I’m 24 and she’s done it yet again!

I’m not FAR into the book as of yet, only a few chapters, but I’m already enjoying it. Rowling has always had the knack of building a character, introducing them in such a way that you feel as if you’ve always known them. I feel like I’m part of this little community she’s writing about, just as I felt I was a part of the trio and their adventures.

One great thing about my lack of constant net access? I have A LOT of time to lose myself in the little town of Pagford and the chaos that is filling a casual vacancy… PLUS it’s keeping my mind busy while I wait to hear whether or not I got the job.



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