humanity regained

Let me just start off by saying that when I started this blog it was simply a way to inform my mom of what I was getting up to in Germany, it slowly transformed and became a way to deal with the biodad leaving us and in turn has evolved into a place where I can simply put down what I am thinking or going through as a single mum trying to simply survive in this day and age. It was never my goal to gain as many followers/readers as I have (not that I am ungrateful) or as any sort of fame hunting escapade. Another reason for writing this blog is that there are other people out there that are in the same situation out there as I am and it’s a small way in letting them know that they are not alone.

I have so much I want to say/write at this particular moment in time and yet I don’t quite know exactly how to translate it from emotions into words.

Things have been tough at home yes, and I’ve blogged about it – NOT to look for pity as I am NOT a charity case and never have been. I simply need to put it out there and vent the bad times because when the good times roll around I feel that much more grateful for them. A reader sent me an email offering to help out with a few rand.  I said no thank you, not that I’m trying to be silly, stubborn or that I don’t appreciate it, in all honesty I am still shaking and crying out of gratitude. I’m making no particular sense right now I know but I just feel the need to thank her publicly.

One thing I need to say is that *wipes tears away* there are still honest to the stars good people out there who actually CARE and not just about themselves, family or their friends they have this, this, I don’t know what to call it, this ability to care beyond the call of those close to them. There are people out there who still give a hoot about people that they don’t even know. I’m not going to name names because if she wanted “fame” as such I know the comment would have been made on my blog not sent as an email.

Though it is rarely displayed publicly, the reality is that there are still good people out there. The essence of humanity is still alive. And to those good people; I thank you and I salute you.

Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson


3 thoughts on “humanity regained

  1. Love this post…..somehow things always do work out even if they are bloody bone crunchingly hard! At least if I get this apartment, you and fysh can totally come have some Dinner served on paper plates with us if all you are facing is a can of tuna LOL~ Strongs to you lady, I have utmost faith that better things are coming your way!!

    • tuna? damn you’re loaded! hahahaha. we’ve been having popcorn – or dinner at mum hahaha.
      but we shall most definitely come and visit you and ninchuck at your new home. and even bring a potplant ;)

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