a little park, a little beach, a lot of fun…

I kept Fysh home today as his aunty panda (one of biodad’s sisters) asked if she could see him. When I look back I have to laugh, in the beginning she was the one person in that family that I couldn’t stand and we only barely tolerated each other. Here we are just over 4 years later and she is now the only member of that entire family I talk to. She also just happens to be the ONLY member out of that VERY large family that even gives a hoot about Fysh.

The problem with technology though is that we tend to rely on it. A lot! Somehow we got our wires crossed and where we were going to meet up all mixed up and of course her iphone dying and me not having a phone at all had us waiting for each other less than 1km a part for over an hour and of course missing the other – oops!

OH WELL, at least Fysh and I got out the house and had a mini picnic-ish affair at the park/beach this morning :)

Tomorrow we’ll head into gardens and visit aunty panda… at least we can’t get the location twisted if we meet at her place. Well at least I hope we can’t :P

Happy Thursday you beautiful people!


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