to Shamus, on your 37th celebration of being 21

Dearest Shamus,

This daughter of yours has most certainly been the cause of many of those wrinkles and grey hairs on your head and even most likely even more so that wonderful balding spot (genetics and age SO do not play a role in these things you know…) but she loves you and simply wants to try keep you young and on your toes ;)

Over the years you have imparted so much wisdom to me – taught me how to cook, sail, fix a clutch and fanbelt, how to drill holes, what the hell a line-out is and the difference between a six and a four. You’ve cheered me on during every one of my occasionally triumphant escapades into sport, life and love.

You have been there through the tough times (I will never forget being too scared to tell you that you were going to be a grandpa and then again when Fysh’s biodad upped and left) and the good times. You have supported bad decisions (albeit with held breath and disdain) as well as the better ones and encouraged me to chase dreams even when others say they are foolish.

So with another year knocking on your door and insisting you are a year older I wish for there to be many more years still ahead so that you may have as profound an impact on your grandson (as well as all those who meander into your presence) as you have had on me.

Happy birthday daddy.
Moglet xxx


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