le sigh

The past few days I’ve had a lot on my mind and blog post after blogpost has written itself out in my head but when it comes to sitting down and actually putting them onto paper (or screen as such) I just haven’t had that oompf to do it. Usually I can’t wait to post something up or tweet or get it out, write now though I just don’t. I hate bottling things up as I know the break down that usually follows but right now I feel that all I am able to really share is my stress and worry and you all have enough burdens of your own.

Just hitting a bit of a down phase, they come and go – this has been more than evident to those who follow me here. I feel like I’ve lost all my mojo and I need to try get it back somehow. It probably doesn’t help that my little sister is planning her wedding and that all those close to me are in happy smiley relationships or having little squishy mini-me’s… so maybe it’s not my mojo that’s gone.

Maybe I’m just realising that I’m lonely.


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