just another rudimental sunday

I love Sunday’s, they have such an amazing “chilled” vibe to them (for lack of a better analogy) and summer Sundays – though I am no fan of summer – are sometimes the best. Ice cream, braai’s family and friends and of course summer concerts…

The one thing I really love about summer is the concerts because the ones in our area are done child friendly which is great as Fysh loves bopping around to live music.

Today wasn’t the planned out sort at all, had to get mum into town by 7am then sort of float around till she was ready to head home at 7pm. But it turned out to be a great day actually…

From “girl time” with the lovelies at the school (not the bimbo – she’s been evicted) to home-made hamburgers with the whole lot and then a Rudimentals concert in De Waal park! I had no idea they are playing but Tin Tin heard about the free concert somewhere so the lot of us squished into the only 2 cars available and headed for the park.

Go and google them if you haven’t heard of them before – they really were great though Fysh fell asleep about half way through while I was dancing with him. Not sure if that’s a comment to their singing or a dig at my dancing skills…

I truly hope each of you had one stunner of a Sunday and spent at LEAST 67.5% of it smiling :)


6 thoughts on “just another rudimental sunday

  1. The Rudimentals are amazing. They are some of the most talent folk…really inspiring stuff. I LOVE them! You are lucky to have found out about the concert! I am going to make every effort to support local bands this summer! So many cool venues with day time concerts…so us moms can go party with the sprogs (0;

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